Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Stunningly Persistent & Fact-Free Propaganda of Tom Friedman

Look, the roughly purposeless to write about how honestly low Tom Friedman is. Its same to wailing that a stable animal cant do elementary arithmetic. But I have to dwindle this column, since it captures so most shibboleths fundamental in his attribution brew of irrationality and elitism:

To lead right away is to trim, to glow or to downsize services, programs or personnel. We"ve left from the age of supervision handouts to the age of adult givebacks...

Mr. Obama won the choosing since he was means to "rent" a poignant series of eccentric electorate - together with Republican commercial operation sorts who had never voted for a Democrat in their lives - since they knew in their courage that the nation was on the wrong track...

They thought that Mr. Obama, notwithstanding his magnanimous credentials, had the singular skills, temperament, voice and values to lift the nation together for this new Apollo module - not to take us to the moon, but in to the 21st century. (emphasis added)

First of all, the age of "government handouts" is over? Really? What about the bank bailouts around TARP and the Federal Reserve?

Well, to Friedman those possibly dont count, or are only officious awesome. This is a man who tied together in to super-wealth and who hangs out and quotes roughly exclusively...

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