Monday, October 18, 2010

Cops sport for gunman who non-stop glow at celebration attended by St. Johns mens womens players

A birthday whack attended by members of the St. Johns University mens and womens basketball teams finished in carnage when a gunman non-stop glow outward a Queens pool hall.St. Johns athletes at the celebration were being questioned by cops, as the track for the gunman intensified.One reveler, a companion of a little of the players, was riddled with bullets, but nothing of the Red Storm hoopsters was harmed in the sharpened outward Racks Cafe Billiards in Astoria.Curtis Brown, 23, of Freeport, L.I., was strike five times when assault erupted outward the Steinway St. pool gymnasium at 2:19 a.m. Friday, cops pronounced Monday. Brown was assumingly targeted by the gunman, cops said.Sources pronounced an evidence pennyless out inside the pool gymnasium in between St. Johns players and an additional group. Witnesses told cops the brawl might have stemmed from a masculine player flashing a palm pointer indicating a 3-point basketball shot - but that was interpreted by the gunman and his organisation as a squad sign."There was a football practice nearby the door. Our bouncers held it right away. They were escorted out," the pool gymnasium owners pronounced of the think and his pals.The owner, who asked not to be identified, pronounced he sealed the doors and called 911 moments prior to the sharpened since a antagonistic throng in front refused to disperse.Sources pronounced the celebration was for a Queens-raised womanlike basketball player who attends college in Massachusetts. Most of the partygoers were masculine and womanlike players on St.Johns rosters.Cops pronounced the think in the shooting, who was booted from the pool hall, fetched a gun from his car and began firing. One of the masculine players dragged Brown out of harms approach and an additional crony attempted to expostulate him to a hospital, but crashed nearby the Grand Central Parkway in East Elmhurst, cops said. Cops responding to the collision summoned an ambulance to take Brown to Elmhurst Hospital Center, where he was in fast condition.The Harlem integrate that lifted the player who helped Brown pronounced they were unapproachable of him. "He ducked and scooped the kid up from the sidewalk," pronounced the players masculine guardian."He was on the hinterland of the fight. He was on his approach home," combined the mans wife, who is a minister. The News is self-denial the players name at the familys ask since the shooter is still at large.Brown, who was invited to the celebration by players on the St. Johns mens team, is "doing fine," a lady who answered the doorway at his home in Freeport said. She identified herself as his partner and mom of his child. She refused to serve comment.St. Johns orator Dominic Scianna pronounced the athletes who attended the celebration were auxiliary with the military investigation. "We wouldnt criticism or engage ourselves until their [the police] review is over," he said.whutchinson@nydailynews.comWith Edgar Sandoval and Michael J. Feeney
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