Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Better augury markers for prostate cancer found

One of the vital problems with prostate cancer is that, with today"s augury markers, a small 70-80 percent of patients breeze up in a organisation where unequivocally small can be pronounced about their prognosis. Unfortunately, currently no methods to are great sufficient establish that patients indeed need diagnosis and that ones can get along excellent but the formidable treatment. This in spin equates to that sure patients are over-treated with therapies that can lead to critical side goods and that alternative patients who unequivocally need complete diagnosis do not get it or get it as well late.

In a investigate not long ago published in the systematic biography Clinical Cancer Research, Hammarsten complicated tissue biopsies from prostate tumors in 259 patients and found a new augury pen for prostate cancer. It is the active form of the protein EFGR (Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor) that was shown to yield report about the aggressiveness of the tumor, both when it is totalled in the growth or in the full of health tissue surrounding the tumor.

EGFR belongs to the same family as the augury pen HER2, that is used currently for breast cancer to establish the aggressiveness of a growth that is to be treated with colour with inhibitors of HER2, that is, the drug Herceptin. In a identical way, it might be probable in the destiny to make make use of of the active form of EGFR to name patients with a bad augury and are befitting for diagnosis with inhibitors of EGFR. In sequence to make make use of of EGFR as a augury pen clinically in the future, serve studies will need to aim the expressions in alternative and incomparable element in prostate tumors.

Prostate cancer is the majority usual cancer form between men in Sweden. Every year a small 10,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. Some 2,500 of them will die of their disease. In alternative words, a small patients have an assertive deadly disease, since others have a solemnly flourishing growth that will not means any vital problems.

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