Friday, August 27, 2010

Iran says China to attend Tehran chief encounter

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* Tehran assembly due days after Washington arch summit

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* Officials, experts from 60 countries invited - report

TEHRAN, Apr 4 (Reuters) - Iran pronounced on Sunday China wouldtake piece in a arch disarmament discussion in Tehran laterthis month, to be hold only days after Chinese President HuJintao is due to attend a arch security limit in Washington.

Iran, inextricable in a deepening arch row with the West,says experts and officials from a little 60 countries have beeninvited to the Apr 17-18 assembly in Tehran, called "Nuclearenergy for everyone, arch arms for no one".

Iran rejects Western accusations it is looking to developnuclear bombs, observant the atomic work is directed at generatingelectricity so that it can trade some-more of the oil and gas.

"The Chinese have welcomed the Islamic Republic"s initiativeand the thought of job on the universe to lame and will takepart in the Tehran conference," arch Iranian arch negotiatorSaeed Jalili was quoted as observant by central IRNA headlines agency.

Jalili, who visited Beijing last week, did not contend at whatlevel China would be represented.

China, that buys large amounts of oil from Iran, has formonths fended off Western calls to behind serve U.N. SecurityCouncil sanctions on the Islamic state.

But in moves last week that could ease stretched Sino-U.S.ties, China voiced Hu would attend the Apr 12-13 limit inWashington, whilst the diplomats signalled willingness to joinserious talks with Western powers on new sanctions on Iran.

The United States has welcomed China"s preference to joinnegotiations on commanding new sanctions and pronounced Hu"s revisit toWashington for the multi-nation assembly hosted by PresidentBarack Obama could set the theatre for tougher movement on Tehran.

The Washington assembly itself focuses not on reducingnuclear arms stockpiles worldwide, but on the lesscontroversial issue of "securing" arch element to forestall itfalling in to the wrong hands.

China is one of the five permanent members of the SecurityCouncil, each wielding the energy to halt any fortitude and thusblock due U.N. sanctions.

Jalili told reporters on Friday, after assembly the ChineseForeign Minister Yang Jiechi in Beijing, that the dual sidesagreed sanctions had "lost their effectiveness".

Western powers contend Tehran is violating general nuclearsafeguards and have told it to diminish uranium improvement work,which could in the future be used to have fissile element fornuclear weapons. Iran says the arch activities are peacefuland legitimate.

Iran"s attach� to the U.N. arch agency, Ali AsgharSoltanieh, pronounced "senior officials and ranking experts fromvarious countries" would attend the general disarmamentand non-proliferation assembly in Tehran, the semi-official FarsNews Agency reported. (Reporting by Hashem Kalantari and Ramin Mostafavi; Writing byFredrik Dahl; Editing by Jon Hemming)

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