Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New low-fat version of pies infer a strike at Tynecastle!

SOME will contend it is an additional pointer of Scottish football going soft. Others will acquire it as a much-needed health flog for a multiply frequency eminent for the great diet. Either way, the attainment of the new low-fat cake at Tynecastle lifted eyebrows at yesterdays match, and widely separated perspective between supporters.Hearts have turn one of the initial clubs in Scotland to deliver the new delicacy, grown by McGhees BakADVERTISEMENTeries, in a bid to have Scottish football fans" prime half-time break less of a guilty pleasure.It comes at a time when the diversion is changing, with some-more women and young kids in attendance matches, less importance on an alcoholic splash prior to the compare – mostly interjection to pick kick-off times – and a clampdown by stewards on station up and singing.Is this ultimate beginning a step as well far for the SPL purists, or is it a healthy course in a competition that is attempting to reach out over the normal followers?Aimee Howland, 18, a commercial operation government tyro at Edinburgh Napier University, customarily indulges in a half-time cake at Tynecastle.The Lanark Jambo said: "I love carrying a cake at the game, the a tradition. I similar to them anyway, but currently they are tasting flattering great as well."It equates to I could have dual of them right away but feeling guilty."Fellow fan Craig Collins, 36, a builder from Longstone, added: "I didnt essentially know this was marked down fat until you told me."If I knew previously I probably would have paid for something else. I"m a bit questionable of things similar to this, but right away I"ve tasted it and never noticed, it has valid me wrong."He added: "I suspect a cake is a cake at the finish of the day, and the no bad thing if the plying you with a couple of less calories."Word of the new slimline pies was obviously swelling fast during yesterdays diversion as most stalls sole out of them prior to the half-time rush.There was no transparent denote that the pies were low fat, and they had transposed the customary models but most fuss.Hearts in the future won the compare opposite Hamilton 2-0.Partick Thistle are the alternative Scottish bar to have trialled "healthy" pies, producing a special low-fat version at a new Scottish Cup strife with Dundee United.Alastair Inglis, a 48-year-old landscaper from Corstorphine, added: "I think the catering here is unequivocally great and I customarily have about 3 or 4 pies each game."I essentially thought they tasted improved today. Usually you get a swig of douse with a full-fat pie, but there was nothing of that today. I"m unequivocally impressed."The low-fat alternatives didnt go down well with everybody though. Malcolm Gray, 20, a tyro from Dalry, said: "Its not for me. I similar to my pies to be pies. Whats going to be next, vegetarian Bovril?"


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