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Dr James Le Fanu: power of the mind

By Dr James Le Fanu 1000AM GMT 09 March 2010

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1950 the year that the British Society of Hypnotherapists was founded

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The energy of mind over make a difference is the profoundest of all biological mysteries. It is discordant to all the well known laws of scholarship that the non-material thoughts and emotions should without delay change the earthy workings of the bodies, the banishment of the neurones, say, or the stroke of the heartbeat. But they do, as witnessed in each doctors surgery by the estimable change of the patients essence on the astringency of their symptoms.

Sometimes this can magnify to counts of hold up and death, as in the well-attested materialisation of those who hold off failing until after "a suggestive occasion" such as a marriage or the bieing born of a grandchild. Barrie Rapoport, an Israeli medicine essay in the British Medical Journal, describes from personal experience a serve movement of this thesis the anniversary phenomenon. His mom died only over a year ago, her last months done some-more miserable by multiform admissions to sanatorium with pneumonia due to worry in swallowing.

Soon after, he grown suffering when swallowing, warranting a range of investigations. Nothing was found, the suffering left and he forgot all about it. Then just one year after his mothers death, on the "Yahrzeit" of Jewish tradition, he woke up for the prevalent use in the tomb and the suffering was back. "At that impulse I was struck by the connection," he writes. "This was my comatose marker with my late mothers last complaint. With discernment came cure, and by the subsequent day the suffering had gone."



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