Sunday, June 27, 2010

Indian minister rows with daughter over tax cut letter

By Dean Nelson in New Delhi Published: 6:09PM GMT 04 March 2010

Replying in an open letter, he laid open his dancer daughter Sharmistha as unfit to "shut up". He additionally indicted her of utilizing "emotional blackmail" and abusing her on all sides as a minister"s daughter.

To finish her humiliation, he indicted her of being a distressing cook.

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Miss Mukharjee had urged her father to make use of taxation incentives and penalties to urge open pleasantness and behaviour, strengthen women from assault and abuse and revoke cruelty to animals.

She claimed she had done her minute open since at home she is customarily "silenced by your steely glance" and done references to the small slot income he gave her as a child.

But in his reply, Mr Mukherjee, who was formerly India"s unfamiliar minister, pronounced he and his family had never found a approach to "make you keep your mouth close for dual mins at a go".

"I am happy that in your minute you have lifted sure concerns similar to animal welfare, security of women and insane amicable poise of a little people.

"But here"s a square of recommendation do not design to have solutions to all the problems by only essay a minute to your father even though he happens to be the financial apportion of the country," he wrote.


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