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Will the BBC shake-up silence critics?

By Anita Singh, Showbusiness Editor Published: 8:34AM GMT 03 March 2010

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The plan examination was billed as the greatest reorganization in 88 years of the BBC. It is an try to overwhelm critics who explain the house has turn as well mighty.

It encompasses television, air wave and online services and is a reply to the BBC Trusts call for "radical thinking" to guarantee the corporations future.

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Setting out the proposals, Mark Thompson, the director-general, main picture, pronounced they represented "what the BBCs priorities and boundary should be". "The BBC should not try to do everything," he said.

The website will be scaled back, digital air wave stations forsaken and internal services streamlined. There will be some-more importance on peculiarity British programming and fewer costly imports. Critics will contend the proposals do not go far enough, quite on the issue of presenters compensate deals.

The plans right away go by 3 months of consultation, prior to the trusts commentary after this year.

6 Music

It costs an annual �9 million to run 6 Music homogeneous to half of Jonathan Rosss compensate understanding and the BBC examination conceded that the hire had grown well in new years, with a weekly assembly of 700,000. However, the normal listeners age of 37 equates to that it competes with blurb stations, and the BBC has motionless to combine renouned song on Radio 1 and Radio 2. The due closure of the digital station, whose DJs embody Phil Jupitus, pictured, by 2011 has sparked mad protests. A "Save 6 Music" debate on Facebook has some-more than 88,000 members. Fans embody Ed Vaizey, the shade enlightenment minister, an "avid listener". The BBC Trust could accede to the hire a last-minute reprieve.

Quality TV

BBC Two will be handed an additional �25 million per year from 2013 to deposit in upmarket programming, with an importance on "ambitious, knowledge-building programmes". BBC One will go on as the home of play and programmes with family appeal. BBC Four will be "refocused" to yield less humerous entertainment and entertainment, some-more arts, song and culture. The oft-criticised BBC Three will have some-more "thought-provoking" output.


The pursuit of portion teenagers should be left in the main to Channel 4 and blurb rivals, the examination concluded. Teen brands BBC Switch and Blast! that run calm such as The Cut on the website, and alternative BBC channels, will be sealed as ratings have been poor. The BBC will go on to offer teenagers around the mainstream channels, such as Radio 1 and BBC One, but the purpose in "addressing the opening in open use air wave for this assembly organisation will be delegate to that of Channel 4 and alternative broadcasters".


US shows such as Mad Men and Heroes will no longer be an "editorial priority" for the BBC and investment in imports will be cut by twenty per cent, from �100 million to �80 million by 2013. Thereafter it will be capped at 2.5p in each looseness price pound. There will be no US shows promote on BBC One during peak-time, and the opening in the report will be filled by strange British programming. Rival broadcasters have complained that the BBC outbids them for US shows. It reportedly paid �400,000 an part for Heroes in 2007.

Management compensate

By 2013, the income check for comparison government will have been marked down by twenty-five per cent and comparison government numbers will be down by eighteen per cent, the examination promises. Pay will be solidified and bonuses suspended. There will be "fewer government layers" and a new importance on "job titles that pass the tests of distinctness and usual sense". Figures expelled in Nov showed that the BBC was profitable the tip 100 staff a sum of �20 million a year. With bonuses and alternative entitlements, their normal package was some-more than �214,000 a year, close to 10 times the normal British salary.

Transparency on presenters compensate

Once again, the BBC signalled the antithesis to divulgence only how majority the tip presenters are paid, arguing that "full avowal would lead to uninformed ceiling vigour on pay". Instead, the house will go on to tell a sum figure in 2008-09 it amounted to �229 million, of that �54 million went to presenters on �150,000 or more, together with Jonathan Ross, Graham Norton and Chris Moyles. Mark Thompson indicated that this figure would be reduce subsequent time around as presenters had been forced to take compensate cuts over the past twelve months. The Commons open accounts cabinet has indicted the BBC of "sheltering at the behind of the Data Protection Act" to keep stars salaries secret.

Local services

Critics have indicted the BBCs internal services of deleterious blurb rivals. The examination promises an finish to expansion: there will be no enlarge in internal services on television, air wave or online. In internal radio, the examination proposes to cut at the behind of on draft hits, to refocus on the over-55 audience, and to deposit some-more in headlines report for promote during breakfast, mid-morning and drive-time schedules. Local websites will lift especially news, sport, transport report and continue rather than features, "leaving room for internal newspapers and others to rise in a digital world".

Sports rights

Spending on sports rights will be capped at 9p in each looseness price pound. Major sporting events such as the Olympics, the World Cup and the Grand National will be prioritised. The BBC additionally binds the rights to Formula One engine racing, Wimbledon, the Open golf championship, Six Nations rugby and Premier League highlights, between others. The BBC will not demand on disdainful entrance to air wave sports rights unless there is an strenuous open worth case. Last year the BBC paid �246 million for sports rights, with �111 million some-more outlayed on report the events.

Value for income

One of the BBCs new slogans is "doing fewer things better". Running costs will be marked down by a entertain from 12p in each looseness price bruise to less than 9p by 2016. At the heart of the examination is a oath to outlay 90p of each �1 on "high quality" programming. Spending on the BBC website will be cut by twenty-five per cent. Digital stations 6 Music and the Asian Network will be sealed down, and government numbers cut. Every �1 of looseness price income contingency good the wider UK economy by at slightest �2, according to the review. The house contingency "make the looseness price work harder by focusing the BBCs spending on what counts majority to the public".


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