Friday, June 25, 2010

Former Bosnian vice president arrested at Heathrow

Published: 6:40AM GMT 02 March 2010

Ejup Ganic: Former Bosnian clamp boss arrested at Heathrow Ejup Ganic, 63, was arrested following an extradition ask from Serbia Photo: AP

Ejup Ganic, 63, was arrested following an extradition ask from Serbia that alleges he conspired to attempted murder bleeding soldiers, in crack of the Geneva Convention, military said.

The former Bosnian clamp boss was perplexing to leave the UK when he was detained, to the snub of Bosnian leaders who pronounced the move undermined Bosnian sovereignty.

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"Bosnia has attempted to settle scold family with Serbia, but this domestic action is patently destined opposite Bosnia"s sovereignty," pronounced Damir Arnaut, domestic confidant of Muslim Bosniak President Haris Silajdzic.

"Belgrade"s idea is to try to equalize the shame for the crimes committed during the fight and they are you do this since it is increasingly transparent that Serbia bears the shame alone," he said.

Mr Ganic"s daughter, Emina, pronounced that Belgrade sought her father "on the drift of the justification that already was discharged by the fight crimes judiciary in The Hague."

Britain"s Home Office pronounced Mr Ganic who has retreated from governing body for a purpose in a in isolation university appeared prior to a court and has been systematic to sojourn in custody.

"Serbian authorities contingency right away yield full writings to await their extradition ask prior to a date can be bound for an extradition hearing," the supervision pronounced in a statement. "A decider will afterwards cruise either there are any bars to the extradition."

Britain stressed that the detain was not a visualisation by Britain"s supervision on "past events" and that British authorities were merely following their authorised obligations.


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