Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hockey World Cup 2010: Spain fightback to win opener aganist South Africa

Bystaff and agencies Published: 1:18PM GMT twenty-eight February 2010

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The South Africans, ranked 13th in the world, dumbfounded the No 3 Spaniards with the initial idea in the 16th notation by a lightning set upon by Julian Hykes.

Spain, who lost to Germany in the Beijing Olympics final, strike behind with dual goals in 3 mins by Roc Oliva and David Alegre to take a 2-1 lead by the 21st minute.

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The African champions, however, equalised five mins prior to the mangle when Ian Haley pushed in a idea following a miscarry off a chastisement corner.

Spain returned after the interlude to measure by Rodrigo Garza, prior to Pau Quemada done it 4-2 with a severe chastisement dilemma strike to win the opening compare of the hockey World Cup 2010.

Spain and South Africa are drawn in organisation B to one side favourites Australia, England, India and Pakistan.

Group A comprises fortifying champions Germany, the Netherlands, Argentina, Canada, South Korea and New Zealand.

The 12-nation contest began among complicated security at the Dhyan Chand National Stadium in the Indian capital, with a little 19,000 security crew and 200 commandos on ensure inside and outward the venue.

You can watch all of England"s games live here on , with highlights. To watch all the matches from the Hockey World Cup and full highlights, go to the central website - follow this couple .


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