Monday, June 28, 2010

Liverpool exit would not signal end of my career, says Jamie Carragher

Published: 9:17AM GMT 07 March 2010

Liverpool exit would not vigilance finish of my career, says Jamie Carragher Future planning: Jamie Carragher would fool around for an additional bar Photo: GETTY IMAGES

The 32-year-old defender will have a year superfluous on his benefaction understanding when this deteriorate finishes, and there are no negotiations now receiving place about a renewal.

That could shift in the summer, as Liverpool are penetrating to let Carragher concentration on personification prior to seeking at his future.

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But Carragher, who has outlayed all of his career so far at Anfield, acknowledges there might come a time when he has to poke for an additional club.

"The bar will give me a new stipulate if they wish to," he told the Sunday Times.

"If not it doesn"t matter, I"ll still fool around my most appropriate and if I have to move afterwards I"ll move, no problem. It wouldn"t worry me."

Carragher famously give up general football in 2007 after apropos undone with singular opportunities in the England team, and stresses he is "not frightened of creation big decisions".

"It"s a bar thing," he said. "It"s down to them. I"ll keep personification and see where it takes me."

Only Dirk Kuyt and Lucas Leiva have done some-more appearances than Carragher for Liverpool in the Premier League this season, suggesting the bar still rely heavily on their vice-captain.

Liverpool physical education instructor Rafael Benitez said: "There is no headlines about Carragher. We have oral to him and he was really transparent that at this impulse he only wants to combine on you do his job.

"I think Jamie prefers the incident as it is. The report I have is that he is gentle with how things are and that he wants to wait."


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