Thursday, June 24, 2010

FTSE non-executive directors see pay rise 5.1pc

By Rupert Neate Published: 6:01AM GMT 01 March 2010

Marcus Agius...Chairman...Barclays Marcus Agius, authority of Barclays, surfaced the non-executive authority compensate list with �750,000 Photo: Tom Stockill

The enlarge came as companies froze salary for frontline staff and cut jobs. Average gain last year rose only 0.8pc, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Non-executives at Royal Dutch Shell picked up �111,550 and a serve 10 FTSE 100 companies all paid their non-executives some-more than �75,000. Vodafone was the second-highest profitable association at �100,000, followed by Eurasian Natural Resources Corporation, that additionally paid �100,000.

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Non-executive chairmen saw their normal compensate burst 6.7pc to �334,463, with the tip 6 all pciking up some-more than �600,000. Marcus Agius, authority of Barclays, surfaced the list with �750,000, according to census data from the Incomes Data Services (IDS).

Notably, arrangement cabinet chairmen perceived an normal compensate climb of 14.6pc.

Nasreen Rahman, principal researcher of senior manager remuneration examination at IDS, said: "These compensate rises come in a year when most workers have had their compensate frozen, but these formula show that chairmen have remained tip of the compensate tree in 2009."

"Shareholders have been betrothed for years that increasing NED fees are piece of the routine of construction a some-more strong corporate governance system of administration where NEDs persevere some-more time to the job. However, shareholders competence shortly be tempted to begin asking either these compensate rises are unequivocally delivering improved governance and improved shareholder returns."


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