Friday, June 18, 2010

Heather Mills has marriage on her mind

By Tim Walker Published: 9:58PM GMT 17 Feb 2010

Heather Mills has applied for council permission for her vegan caf� to be licensed for marriages Heather Mills

The erstwhile Lady Mills-McCartney used a small portion of her £24.3million divorce settlement from Sir Paul McCartney to set up a vegan caf just a pebbles throw away from her home in Hoves so-called "millionaires row" on the beach.

Now Mandrake hears that she has applied, apparently with a straight face, for permission from the local council for V-Bites, the first of what she hopes will be a worldwide chain of vegetarian restaurants, to be licensed for marriages.

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Hopefully, the punters wont be looking too carefully at her track record as a template for success.

Powell pow wow

There is an intriguing insight into the relationship between the Powell brothers Charles and Jonathan in the second part of Michael Cockerells BBC Four series The Great Offices of State tonight.

In turn, the brothers went from the Foreign Office to serve the prime minister of the day as chief foreign policy adviser Charles for Margaret Thatcher and Jonathan for Tony Blair.

The younger, Jonathan, recalls how he was once interviewed by Douglas Hurd, who was, as foreign secretary, thinking of making him an assistant private secretary.

Jonathan says Hurd was concerned there would be a problem because Charles pronounced his name "Pole" and Jonathan pronounced it as it is written. What on earth would be the etiquette?

"I always felt at a bit of a disadvantage at the Foreign Office because Charles was there running foreign policy from Number Ten," Jonathan says.

Charles retorts: "Id poisoned the trail for him, had I? It seems to me he was lucky to have been turned down he clearly got a better job as a result of it so I dont think he need feel too badly."

Allure of television

Confirmation that television is now leaving Hollywood in the shade comes with the news that the British film production company Working Title is to start a dedicated television subsidiary called Working Title Television.

The move, which marks the companys first concerted foray into small screen production, is a "natural one", according to Eric Fellner, the co-chairman of Working Title Films.


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