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I wonder if Cheryl Cole and Ashley argued about spoons?

By Bryony Gordon Published: 6:59AM GMT twenty-five February 2010

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Cheryl Colre earnings to Britain after announcing her subdivision from Ashley Cole Cheryl Cole: Could a unnoticed ladle have stirred her anguish outfit? Photo: PA

There"s something they never discuss it you when you"re a child: when you grow up, you will finish up arguing about spoons. I don"t censure them, really. If they told you being an adult was not about saving the universe or marrying a prince, and that it all fully cooked down to spoons, you would consternation what the point was.

I contend this since I have not prolonged ago been quarrelling with my sister, with whom I live, on this unequivocally subject. The complaint is that when I have a crater of packet tea of an evening, I regularly drop my teaspoon in the sink.

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To me, this is literally a throwaway action, but to my sister it is same to dogmatic (un)civil war. My spoon, minding the own commercial operation in the sink, competence as well be Saddam Hussein reincarnated as a square of cutlery. "It could tumble down the waste-disposal unit!" she cries. "Why don"t you only put it in the dishwasher?" I never discuss it her that the reason I don"t put it in the dishwasher is that she regularly does it for me.

I consternation if Cheryl and Ashley argued about spoons. It would be good to think so, but I suspect we shall never know unless Piers asks him or her in the unavoidable megabucks interview. Anyway, each family has the flashpoints, and this week a consult suggested the usual causes of made at home disarray.

At series one was, rather predictably, domicile chores, followed by such issues as what to watch on television, who has the remote, and withdrawal the loo chair up. But I am some-more meddlesome in the unequivocally sparse arguments, the spoon-shaped ones that have the energy to means divorce and disgusting corporeal harm. Such as:

• Loo roll. Why do you never shift it? What are you anticipating to do with the dull tubes? Combine them with the cereal boxes you never pitch afar and set up your own Tracy Island?

• The thermostat. One crony has vital arguments with her father over the executive heating. Go for cooking there, and you have to pack for all continue conditions one moment, you feel as if you are in the Kalahari, the subsequent the Arctic Circle.

• Not throwing out food. It won"t eat itself.

• Using my unequivocally costly hair-conditioning diagnosis as showering gel. I had a beloved who did this. He blamed the steam from the showering for at the moment blinding him. Every day.

• Leaving the lights on. Specifically the one on top of the hob. I hatred that light on top of the hob. As for the fan... don"t get me started.

* Something else to disagree about: Trivial Pursuit. The manufacturers not prolonged ago organized a hulk online diversion and detected that women are improved at it than men. This does not warn me in the slightest, carrying played it for so prolonged at the week end that we managed to lapse to the commencement of the questions.

But what I find majority engaging about Trivial Pursuit is that it is less about ubiquitous knowledge, and some-more about the extraordinary obsessions of whoever set the questions. In the book we played, majority answers were possibly "Canada" or "Tasmania". Having worked this out, the girls kick the boys utterly comfortably.

* How extraordinary that London Fashion Week should be dominated not by supermodels and celebrities, but the wives of the domestic leaders. There"s Sarah Brown, assisting out her crony Naomi Campbell at a fund-raiser for Haiti. And there"s Sam Cam, as the trendies have taken to job her, seeking poetic in the front row at Burberry. Not all the fashionistas are impressed, though. During a print fire for a women"s repository yesterday, I referred to Sam Cam to the photographer. "Who"s that, then?" he asked. "Dave"s boyfriend?"


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