Sunday, June 20, 2010

Iraqi families slaughtered in pre-election sectarian atatck

By Richard Spencer, Middle East Correspondent Published: 3:16PM GMT twenty-two February 2010

Fears of a downward turn of assault in allege of the Iraqi elections worsened after the attacks.

In the initial attack, a lady and her 3 daughters were shot passed overnight at their home in Al-Hurriyah, a Shia suburb of north Baghdad.

Iraq looks to the al-Qaeda opinion Gaza buries the passed as the bombing continues Iraqi city calls for US raids on Syria Finland propagandize shooting: Gunman who killed 10 had been questioned over YouTube video True Blood?: all the improved to eat you with . . . White House says that new Iraqi explosve destruction will not check US couple pull-out

Then, at around 7am a family of eight together with 6 young kids underneath the age of twelve were killed in the locale of Al-Wehdah, twelve miles south-east of the capital.

Several of the victims were afterwards beheaded, according to police.

The usually groups to rehearse beheading at large in Iraq have been those claiming devotion to al-Qaeda, that has targeted the infancy Shia population.

With majority of the parties station in subsequent month"s elections sectarian, the biggest fright is that campaigning will free groups in between the eremite communities. There has been a renewed call of murdering of Christians in northern Iraq in new weeks.

A Sunni politician, Saleh al-Mutlaq, has pulled his celebration out of the choosing after he was criminialized from station on the drift of his past membership of the Ba"ath Party of the deposed president, Saddam Hussein.

A identical protest is hold to have contributed to Iraq"s fall in to polite fight after the last ubiquitous choosing in Iraq, in 2005.

On tip of the 9 young kids killed in the shootings, a six-year-old child was killed in a car explosve in the city of Ramadi, a city 60 miles west of the capital, in that his father and a law enforcemetn officer additionally died.

Four some-more policemen, dual soldiers, a office worker and a highbrow were additionally killed in targeted shootings around the country.


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