Monday, June 21, 2010

Japanese airline delivers women what they want: female only toilets

Reuters Published: 8:22AM GMT twenty-four February 2010

Japan Japan"s All Nippon Airways is introducing "female" usually toilets

The airline pronounced in a matter it was responding to "numerous requests for this service," adding that the toilet would be located in the back of the craft and be accessible to women passengers from all classes.

An airline central told Kyodo headlines group that ANA motionless to appropriate women-only lavatories formed on a 2007 online consult in that 90 percent of the women polled pronounced they found the thought attractive.

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The central additionally pronounced women do not identical to utilizing common toilets as men infrequently leave the chair up. She pronounced direct for women-only toilets was generally high between passengers receiving prolonged flights.

Men would be authorised to make make make use of of of the shower usually in emergencies or when there were really couple of womanlike passengers on the flight, the ANA matter said.

South Korea"s Korean Air has been charity identical comforts and ANA opposition Japan Airlines designates lavatories for priority make make make use of of of by women, the ANA central told Kyodo.

Toilet practice appears to be an critical piece of ANA"s process -- the airline had formerly asked passengers to make make make use of of of the lavatories prior to they house flights so as to revoke the altogether weight of the plane, that would in conclusion be improved for the sourroundings as it would meant less fuel usage.


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