Monday, June 21, 2010

Mervyn King says a final farewell to the Treasury Select Committee

By Jonathan Russell, City Diary Editor Published: 8:54PM GMT twenty-three February 2010

Stelios, O Sir Stelios vs Michael O"Leary - Airlines" dogfight gets a bit cattish

Emotional stuff. "It contingency be a small sort of record," he told John McFall"s panel, prior to adding: "It hasn"t been fun. It hasn"t been easy. But it"s been productive."

Lets goal so.

Bank administrator Mervyn King says scale of UK necessity is indeed unusual It is up to the banks to set free themselves The EUs purpose in the monetary predicament Is the Bank of England Plotting an Emergency Interest Rate Cut? Financial White Paper wouldnt finish tensions at the heart of British policymaking A city pursuit for the saintly

More on jobs. I sense St Paul"s is seeking for dual vergers to assistance out at the cathedral. No experience indispensable etc, but the appointment is theme to "Enhanced Disclosure from the Criminal Records Bureau."

That manners out a integrate of City workers then.

Company names get a carpeting

Just a integrate of association names for you today, though there are some-more in the pipeline.

Both these come from the carpet-laying business, fast apropos one of the most appropriate industries for pretentious monikers. From Carlisle we have Fred Bear Carpets and, one you might have listened of as it has 10 branches Walter Wall Carpets.

Tomorrow an equine physiotherapist and some-more Chinese restaurants.

Airlines" dogfight gets a bit cattish

Another push in the Sir Stelios vs Michael O"Leary spat.

It all proposed with Ryanair"s O"Leary using ads suggesting that easyJet and Sir Stelios were being a hold careful with the law over the airline"s jot down of punctuality. Sir Stelios soon denied this and released a defame command by his lawyers Schillings perfectionist an reparation for the deduction he was "a liar".

How has O"Leary responded? "Schillings pronounced glow and condemnation will tumble on my head if we run it again. So we"ll be using it over the subsequent dual weeks."

Brave stuff. I"ll be meddlesome to see that writings lift it.

Meanwhile, Sir Stelios hasn"t been short of the peculiar word: "I am receiving this really seriously," he told Diary. "In fact, I have a feeling that Michael at prolonged last has found his Waterloo, to the pleasure of the travelling public.

"He has been using Ryanair similar to his own small fiefdom... he has grown an ego to compare that of Napoleon.

"But each Napoleon has his Waterloo."

Veggie Benn the rancher charmer

Are the nation"s farmers warming to their Secretary of State Hilary Benn? Well probably not, but the man is you do his best. At Tuesday"s NFU discussion Mr Benn quipped: "Right from the begin in this pursuit I knew I had to try and consequence your certitude in this job. Let"s be honest, you had each reason to be distrustful let"s face it, a vegetarian Secretary of State can"t have been your initial choice." No disbelief because they call him Veggie Benn.

Betting on a winner?

Crikey, I assimilate spreadbetting organisation Spreadex is to begin charity key clients free airmiles on in isolation jets. I consternation how most money you have to lose to win a legal holiday outing to Tenerife?


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