Friday, June 18, 2010

Taliban commanders capture a lucky accident

Published: 9:55PM GMT 19 Feb 2010

A US official told the New York Times the arrest in a raid in Karachi was simply good fortune.

"No one knew what they were getting," he said.

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The newspaper said Pakistani security officials, acting on a US tip, met no resistance when they raided a house in Karachi in late January, taking several men into custody.

Pakistani and US officials learned only after a careful process of identification that Baradar, who ran the Taliban"s war against Nato and US forces in Afghanistan, was one of those detained, the paper aid.

The account appears to put Pakistan"s motivations in a somewhat different light, suggesting it did not necessarily reflect a new determination to go against Afghan Taliban leaders in Pakistan.

The paper said Pakistan"s ISI intelligence agency limited US access to Baradar and did not permit direct questioning by the CIA for two weeks after his capture.


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