Tuesday, June 22, 2010

YouTube video shames Russian police into prosecution

By Andrew Osborn in Moscow Published: 2:20PM GMT twenty-five February 2010

Despite horrific CCTV video footage that appears to leave no disbelief that the official"s daughter, Anna Shavenkova, is guilty of forward pushing and manslaughter, military in the Siberian city of Irkutsk have nonetheless to record charges roughly 3 months after the event.

Critics lay that their hostility to get difficult with twenty-eight year-old Ms Shavenkova is since she is a expert for the statute pro-Kremlin United Russia party, whilst her mother, Ludmila, is the head of the internal electoral commission. Russia, and prior to it the Soviet Union, has a prolonged and joyless convention of covering up accidents that competence expel officials or their brood in a disastrous light.

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Police usually betrothed to press charges on Wednesday this week after a open cheer on the Russian-language internet. The incident, that occurred on Dec 2, had been posted on YouTube garnering tens of thousands of hits assisting fuel open anger. The footage shows a white Toyota Corolla unexpected veering off the highway and slamming in to dual women on foot along the cement arm in arm in executive Irkutsk.

The car is travelling at high speed and throws the dual pedestrians opposite the wall prior to resilient itself. The driver, Ms Shavenkova, is afterwards seen removing out, inspecting her own car for damage, and creation a call on her mobile phone (not for an ambulance).

At no time does she even peek in the citation of the people she has only run over. Passers-by are similarly indifferent. They merely gawp or go on to travel along the same widen of pavement.

The dual women were sisters on foot behind from the internal market. One of them, 34 year-old Elena Pyatkova, after died in hospital, whilst the other, twenty-seven year-old Yulia Pyatkova, might be crippled for life.


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