Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Alan Smith: Albert Riera fall-out shows Rafael Benitez man-management character needs tweak

By Alan Smith 900AM GMT twenty March 2010

Albert Riera and Rafael Benitez Poles detached Albert Riera launched an conflict on Liverpool physical education instructor Rafael Benitez (right) in that he indicted the Spaniard of not carrying any discourse with his players Photo PA

Now review it with this one "I have been here dual years and I know how he is. He has never sorted out a incident with a player by articulate with him... If I"m you do something really bad and you are my boss, and you worth me, afterwards you are going to come and discuss it me what I have to do to fool around again. This is what hurts me. His discourse with the players is most nil."

The initial allude to comes from Nani progressing this deteriorate when the Portuguese winger couldn"t hold down a place at Manchester United. The second comes from Liverpool"s Albert Riera after the Spaniard"s disappointment fully cooked over this week.

Liverpool interconnected with Benfica Rafa Benitez gay with 3-0 win opposite Lille Ferguson argument with Benitez at an finish Benitez Liverpool win "proves Riera was wrong" United v Liverpool compare preview Sport on radio

Both complaints are borne from a miss of compare movement but they additionally exhibit the fundamental differences in between the particular methods of Sir Alex Ferguson and Rafael Benítez.

Because whilst Ferguson will massacre you in front of everyone, he will additionally intemperate regard when it"s deserved. Not usually that, the United physical education instructor will show care and calm if he believes someone harbours genuine promise.

He has valid this with Nani, an underachieving show hack for most of his time at Old Trafford but right away starting to arise as a correct player.

Benítez, on the alternative hand, struggles when it comes to display his human side. Unlike Ferguson, he usually can"t move himself to put a pleasantly arm around the shoulder when resources direct a lighter touch. Without doubt, his man-management skills could do with a tweak.

Among alternative things, that"s what separates the two. That"s because Nani has incited in to a force for United, whilst Xabi Alonso got the mound with Benítez and left, and because Riera will probably finish up leaving, too.

It competence additionally have a temperament on why, going in to Sunday"s clash, fifteen points apart United and Liverpool.


Guess how most players graduated by Barcelona"s girl ranks from the starting XI that went on to spectacularly trounce Stuttgart on Wednesday. Seven. That"s an implausible series for a bar historically well known as impracticable spenders.

And not usually are the likes of Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta, Sergio Busquets, Pedro Rodriguez and Victor Valdes extravagantly talented, they"re additionally pronounced to have stayed flattering humble, with a penetrating high regard of how to handle off the pitch.

That should give the decision-makers at Chelsea something to think about as they try to work out where to go from here.


If that hasn"t clinched it afterwards zero will. Roy Hodgson contingency be declared Manager of the Year for his utterly shining stewardship of Fulham this season.

That 4-1 trouncing of Juventus summed it up. Hodgson has managed to set up up extensive pot of self-belief in a patrol he coaches so greatly all week.

Long given protected from relegation, the 62 year-old can stay sincerely loose about Sunday"s home diversion with Manchester City. It"s subsequent Wednesday"s FA Cup quarter-final replay at Tottenham where his ambitions lie, and the probability of reaching the Europa League final.

Time, therefore, to mangle with convention by ignoring the champions for the manager"s award. Hodgson has finished sufficient already to lift the trophy.


It is going to be engaging saying how Portsmouth"s players conflict right away that they know relegation is probably certain. With an FA Cup semi-final entrance up subsequent month, do they go easy in the league, as Avram Grant hinted this week, or do they fool around with annoy at the misapplication of it all?

All in all, it"s a extraordinary arise for Iain Dowie in his initial diversion in assign of Hull. The reply to his appointment has been underwhelming so far. Three points at Fratton Park would partly pill that.


Ross Turnbull Chelsea"s third-choice goalkeeper contingency be certain on Sunday when Blackburn begin rising high balls his way.


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