Monday, July 19, 2010

Judge John Deed paints wrong image of British lawyers, Old Bailey judge says

800AM GMT nineteen March 2010

Judge John Deed Judge John Deed paints Judge John Deed Martin Shaw as Judge John Deed Photo BBC

Judge Timothy Pontius told an Old Bailey jury ""Contrary to Judge John Deed and Law And Order UK, barristers are not there to make a defence.""

It was not the initial time Judge Deed had been criticised by the judiciary.

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But the UK version of Law and Order, the long-running US play had so far left unscathed.

Some of the scenes of the drama, that shows crime being investigated and prosecuted, were filmed at the Old Bailey, together with opening shots of lawyers.

Judge Pontius" comments came after the jury privileged Phillip Bailey, 78, of attempted murder but found him guilty by a 10-2 infancy of manslaughter.

Scottish-born Bailey, a ongoing alcoholic with amiable dementia, had smashed his girlfriend, Tina Crawford, 45, to genocide in her home in Barry Road, East Dulwich, south London, in March, last year.

But he had refused to yield a counterclaim or instructions to his solicitors and tip QC Martin Hicks.

He had additionally refused to come in a counterclaim so a grave not guilty had to be entered for him.

The decider praised Mr Hicks and explained ""All Mr Hicks could do was to inspect the charge evidence.""

As Bailey had oral to military in interview, the probable defences of miss of vigilant by intoxication, irritation and self-defence could be put brazen on his behalf.

""The counterclaim were not production it - far from it,"" combined the judge.

""Mr Hicks was aiding you in the justification in this case.""

Bailey, from Vauxhall, south London, did not give justification but mumbled from the wharf from time to time. He was remanded in control for sentencing tomorrow.

Anthony Orchard, prosecuting, had told the hearing that blood-covered Bailey knocked on the doorway of a neighbour"s home in the night to declare ""I have killed the woman subsequent door.""

Ms Crawford, was found in the blood-spattered kitchen of her terraced home.

She had been smashed to genocide with a chair leg and had 81 injuries to her head and body.

Mr Orchard pronounced ""Her head, face and physique were lonesome in blood, her face was heavily bruised. She had been exceedingly beaten.""

Bailey told military he struck Miss Crawford during a row over a damaged table, Mr Orchard added.

Ms Crawford had split from her long-term partner and had 3 sons and grandchildren.

Son David pronounced she had attempted to give up celebration on most occasions.

""I hold one day she would have knocked about her addiction. No human being deserves to lose their life,"" he pronounced in an stroke statement.


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