Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Biologist sacked after Americas usually wild jaguar put down

1156AM GMT twenty March 2010

Jaguar - America A jaguar a ranger in Arizona has been sacked after America"s last well well known wild jaguar became trapped in a trap and had to be put down. Photo Lonely Planet

The southwestern state of Arizona has dismissed an worker after an inner review in to the constraint and genocide of the jaguar.

The Arizona Game and Fish Department pronounced that 40-year-old Thornton W. Smith was a margin biologist and had been with the group twelve years.

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He was concerned in the chain and monitoring of traps used in a black bear and towering lion investigate plan that resulted in the primary constraint of the jaguar called "Macho B."

The cat was found snared in one of the department"s trap in Feb last year.

It was recaptured due to health problems and put down less than dual weeks later.

Game and Fish officials contend Smith concurred that he misled sovereign investigators per contribution surrounding the jaguar"s strange capture.


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