Monday, July 12, 2010

Boy of five labelled obese and given heart disease warning

700AM GMT eighteen March 2010

Cian Attwood Boy of five marked down portly and since heart disease warning Cian, who is 3ft 10 inches tall, is one of thousands of British immature kids carrying their Body Mass Index checked Photo Steve Woods / Newsteam

Cian Attwood"s mother, Kriss Hodgson, was since leaflets on red blood pressure, cancer and heart disease following a NHS exam at his propagandize that deemed him "very overweight."

Ms Hodgson was "disgusted" and "upset" when he brought the minute home from propagandize following the exam carried out underneath the Government"s debate to plunge in to kid obesity.

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It told her Cian was classed as "clinically obese" as his physique mass index put him in the 99th percentile.

Ms Hodgson, 27, from Overdale, Shropshire, pronounced "He was weighed at propagandize and before long after I had a minute by the post observant he was clinically obese.

"They sent me by all sorts of report on diabetes, heart attacks and cancer. But see at him, there"s not an unit of fat on him.

"Its removing silly what they are revelation immature kids at such a immature age - it is deleterious to them. I don"t wish my immature kids to grow up to be anorexic.

"They"re creation everyone think they need to be luminary distance zero"s and the going to give people eating disorders."

Cian, who is 3ft 10 inches tall, is one of thousands of British immature kids carrying their Body Mass Index checked - a complement that relates height, weight and age.

Ms Hodgson, a singular mother, combined "He is 4st 2lbs and assumingly for his tallness the should be in between 2st 13lbs and 3st 11lbs. I find it outrageous since things similar to this could means youngsters to go anorexic - it will give them a complex.

"The propagandize asked either they could weigh Cian and of course, I pronounced fine. And afterwards it came behind observant he was as well fat - the positively ridiculous.

"Its utterly upsetting in a approach since can"t discuss it my son he is as well fat when all he does is run around the grassed area all day.

"He is such an active small kid and he doesn"t eat a lot. I have to force it down him sometimes. But he likes grapes, peas and sweetcorn and he cooking utterly healthily.

"Naturally, he is similar to a lot of kids and doesn"t eat loads of ripened offspring and veg, but he is not an diseased child. They even told me my fifteen month old daughter was portly when she was 6 months old - that"s only puppy fat."

Clare Harland, Senior Health Improvement Manager for, NHS Telford & Wrekin, pronounced "Every year immature kids in Reception and Year 6 are weighed and totalled in propagandize as piece of the National Child Measurement Programme, that is right away in the fifth year.

"Guidance for this is released by the Department of Health and put in to movement at a internal turn by Primary Care Trusts. The NCMP interpretation is used locally and nationally to set goals to plunge in to plumpness and broach the right services to the right people.

"The tallness and weight dimensions is carried out by lerned staff and the family groups of any kid can opt-out.

"After the measurements are taken, letters are sent out to the relatives or carers of each child, with sum of their childs tallness and weight, display the percentile for the BMI and the weight range.

"The letters additionally have report on internal services and activities accessible and encourages family groups to call a internal helpline to find out more. The Body Mass Index for immature kids is interpreted otherwise than for adults.

"In further to their tallness and weight the age and sex additionally have to be taken in to account.

"Next, their BMI is compared with the measurements of alternative immature kids opposite England and percentiles are used to allot either a BMI is inside of the full of health range according to height, weight, age and sex."


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