Monday, July 26, 2010

No 10 in row over turn alloy Charlie Whelan

Isabel Oakeshott, Deputy Political Editor & , : {}

GORDON BROWN faced new calls last night to quell the flourishing change of Charlie Whelan, his nonconformist former turn doctor.

No 10 denied that Whelan, domestic executive of Unite, the absolute traffic union, was being lined up to lapse to the heart of supervision as the budding ministers spokesman.

However, it is accepted that Whelan, famous for his charming language, is to be since a heading purpose at Labour HQ during the choosing campaign.

He was sacked as Browns press cupboard member in 1999 since of his purpose in the home loan liaison that forced Peter Mandelson to give up the cabinet. A source close to Mandelson said: Peter tolerates Gordon vocalization on the phone to Charlie, but would not endure him being since a grave purpose in No 10. It sends out all the wrong messages, that we are going behind to the days of bully-boy spin.

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Concern about Whelan being since a pursuit at No 10 mounted after allegations of bullying were done opposite the budding apportion in a new book. There has been conjecture that Brown hoped to move Whelan behind to take over from Michael Dugher, Browns domestic spokesman, who is acid for a Labour seat.

Whelan has been spending augmenting amounts of time in No 10. However, a Downing Street source said: There has never been a plan to give Charlie a grave job.

There is additionally flourishing regard between Whelans Labour enemies at his success in stitching up protected Labour seats for Unite officials. Last week John Cryer, a domestic military officer for the union, was selected for the easterly London chair of Leyton and Wanstead over Tristram Hunt, the radio historian who is a crony of Mandelson.


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