Monday, July 12, 2010

Amazon launches Kindle ebook reader for Macs

By Claudine Beaumont, Technology Editor 1015AM GMT eighteen March 2010

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Kindle for Mac Amazon"s free Kindle for Mac program allows Mac users to download ebooks and review them on their computer

The free Kindle for Mac focus will give users entrance to some-more than 325,000 books in the Kindle Store, permitting them to download and review the ebooks on their computer, and even supplement a practical bookmark to a page so they do not lose their place.

Amazon has the own range of Kindle ebook readers, that have sole well in the United States. The initial Kindle device was launched in the UK last October, but British consumers have been slower to welcome the digital celebration of the mass revolution.

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The online tradesman has attempted to enhance the participation of the Kindle code by creation the program for downloading and celebration of the mass electronic books accessible on a accumulation of alternative platforms, such as the iPhone and Windows-based PCs, rather than only Kindle devices.

"Kindle for Mac is the undiluted messenger focus for business who own a Kindle or Kindle DX," pronounced Jay Marine, executive of Amazon"s Kindle division.

"For those business around the universe who dont nonetheless have a Kindle, Kindle for Mac is a good approach to now entrance and review the majority renouned new releases as well as their old favourites."

The Kindle for Mac focus will synchronise books and bookmarks in between a Mac and a Kindle device. Amazon pronounced it would be adding some-more facilities to the program in the entrance months, together with the capability to poke the content of a book, emanate "notes", and supplement highlights and annotations.

The launch subsequent month of Apple"s iPad, a tablet-style computer, is seen as a vital hazard to Amazon"s prevalence of the ebook space. The iPad will underline a practical bookshop, the iBookstore, by that users will be means to download electronic books to review on their iPad.

Amazon pronounced that it would rise a version of the existent iPhone Kindle app for the iPad, but secretly there are concerns that Apple"s move in to the ebook market, and the further of an ebook store to the existent Apple iTunes and App Store ecosystem could take business from the Kindle store.


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