Saturday, July 24, 2010

Theo Walcott underneath distressing vigour says Arsene Wenger | Arsenal

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Theo Walcott is being put underneath "terrible pressure" to be entirely fit in time for the World Cup finals in South Africa this summer, according to Arsene Wenger.

A array of injuries to his back, knee, injure leg tendon and ribs have hampered the winger"s swell this season, but Wenger stays assured the 20-year-old winger will have England"s World Cup patrol after the striker done usually his fifth Premier League begin of the deteriorate in Saturday"s 2-0 home win over Sunderland. .

Wenger has already warned it will take time for Walcott to find his stroke but resolutely believes the player will be in Fabio Capello"s squad. "The World Cup is not today," the Arsenal physical education instructor said. "It is in June. I think he will have the squad.

"The complaint is that everyone has the England inhabitant group in their mind and, since you wish to move the World Cup behind to London, you wish everyone to be on tip today.

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"They will be in the prolonged run but when players have been out for a whilst it takes a whilst to get behind to your majority appropriate with confidence, ill temper and zip. That will come behind with Theo."

Capello was at the Emirates Stadium on Saturday with the media spotlight on Walcott via and Wenger believes the inspection puts heated aria on the youngster. "It"s distressing pressure," he said. "But that"s the complicated media."

Wenger additionally believes bar success could pave the proceed for a great World Cup, with players who proceed the foe in assured mood some-more expected to star for their nation in South Africa: "They will be stronger at the World Cup if they come with a prize and it has been a great a season, than without," he said.

"If they have something in their slot they are in a clever position. We are still in dual competitions and the majority critical thing is we try to do as well as we can.

"Sport is not what happens in 6 months. What happens right away is critical to us. I hold what is majority critical is the players concentration on the bar and grasp what they can for us."


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