Monday, July 26, 2010

Fifa says no to goalline record International Football

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Fifa has certified that the preference not to aspire to the key of video record to support officials could miscarry on it in this summers World Cup in South Africa, as it did in the FA Cup on Saturday.

The International FA Board (IFAB) assembly in Zurich voiced on Saturday that it had voted opposite serve experiments with goalline technology, let alone video replays in alternative areas of the pitch. Within hours, Birmingham City were denied a idea in their 2-0 better afar to Portsmouth when a header by Liam Ridgewell crossed the goalline but was not speckled by officials.

I knew true afar it was a goal, Ridgewell said. It bounced at the behind of the line, strike [David] James and afterwards bounced back. I couldnt hold it when the giant didnt put his dwindle up.

According to Jrôme Valcke, the Fifa ubiquitous secretary, football will have to go on to accept such errors.

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Questions will regularly come, we only goal they will not come in the last of the World Cup, he said. Technology should not come in in to the game. It was a transparent matter done by the infancy of the IFAB. The main piece of the diversion should be humans players and referees.

If we begin with goalline technology, afterwards any piece of the diversion and representation will be a intensity space where you could put in place record to see if the round was in or out, and afterwards you finish up with video replays. The doorway is closed.

The English and Scottish FAs were in foster of record but were outvoted 6-2 on the IFAB by Fifas 4 votes and those of the Wales and Northern Ireland FAs.


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