Monday, July 19, 2010

"I just want my son safe." Mother"s plea for boy, Sahil Saeed, kidnapped in Pakistan World news The Guardian

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The mom of a five-year-old British kid kidnapped by an armed squad for a £100,000 ransom whilst on vacation family in Pakistan has pleaded with his abductors, saying: "I usually wish my son behind safe."

Sahil Saeed, from Oldham, Greater Manchester, was snatched from his grandmother"s residence in the Punjab as he and his father, Raja Naqqash Saeed, 28, were scheming to leave for their moody to Britain.

A cab motorist due to take them to the airfield was being questioned by police, the Guardian has learned.

At the family"s patio home, Sahil"s doubtful mom Akila Naqqash, 31, wept as she implored: " He"s usually a honeyed small boy. He"s a five-year-old boy. What has he done?"

Sahil had been on a two-week revisit to his ill parents mom in Jhelum, 75 miles south-east of Islamabad, with his father.

When their cab arrived and the doorway was non-stop 4 men detonate in. They hold up to 10 family members at gunpoint for 6 hours, during that they were beaten, scored equally up, kicked and slapped, prior to the enemy evading with cash, trinket and the shocked kid who does not verbalise Urdu or Punjabi.

The cab motorist ‑ the same man who had picked the kid and his father up from the airfield when they arrived in Pakistan dual weeks ago ‑ is being regarded as a suspect, pronounced a Rawalpindi informal military officer, Aslam Tareen .

Saeed, who pronounced it was unfit for them to encounter the ransom demand, described how the men "jumped inside" as shortly as the doorway was opened. "They had installed guns. Straight afar they proposed torturing us, kicking us." The men told him they would poke the house, and were seeking for income and gold. "We told them we would discuss it them where it was. We pronounced "Don"t fire anyone. But take whatever you want"."

He was taken to a apart room during the ordeal. But when the men left at 5am, "they took my son with them. He"s not usually my son, we"re friends. I take him with me at your convenience I go out." He begged the kidnappers to let him take his son"s place. "Just discuss it me where to come and they can keep me. Send him back. They can do what they similar to with me."

There was a little difficulty last night over either the abductors had done contact. Aslam Tareen pronounced a write call had been perceived "from somewhere and we are operative on it", but no alternative sum were stirring as it was feared it could bushel the investigation.

Sahil"s mom schooled of the abduction after a "hysterical" Saeed rang his hermit in Britain early yesterday. Mrs Naqqash, who functions at an Iceland supermarket in Shaw, Greater Manchester, was creation breakfast for their dual daughters, Anisha, four, and Hafsahm twenty-one months, when her sister pennyless the news. "I usually cried and cried. All we can do is wait." She feared that the actuality Sahil does not verbalise Urdu or Punjabi will supplement to his terror.

She had phoned Sahil each day during his two-week visit. "When I last spoke to him he couldn"t wait for for to come home and have a coupler potato. He was fed up of the chapatis."

Jane Sheridan,Sahil"s headteacher at Rushcroft first school, said: "Everyone is really disturbed and we are you do all that we can to await his family."

The British high commission in Islamabad pronounced it was "continually monitoring the situation".

Salma Jafar, head of programmes for Save the Children UK in Pakistan, pronounced kid abduction was a outrageous problem.

She said: "Children might be kidnapped for trafficking for kid work or for passionate exploitation, and are additionally infrequently kidnapped since of family disputes.

"Kidnapping is a flourishing phenomenon. The ransom depends on the family"s monetary situation. Sometimes, if they cannot pay, it might be months prior to they are reunited with their son or daughter.


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