Monday, June 21, 2010

Cheryl and Ashley Cole expected to lose £300,000 on Surrey mansion

By Myra Butterworth, Personal Finance Correspondent Published: 4:25PM GMT twenty-four February 2010

The skill was paid for by the Coles in Oct 2007, for �3,550,000, but has given forsaken in worth to �3,247,537, according to total gathered by skill website Zoopla. It equates to a loss of �302,463 if it is sold.

The Girls Aloud thespian and X-Factor decider voiced her preference to finish the three-and-a-half year matrimony to the Chelsea and England star following claims the footballer slept with an American lady during Chelseas pre-season debate in Seattle last year.

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As piece of the separation, the integrate will proceed the unpleasant proves of determining what to do with their home, Hurtmore House.

Lawrence Hall, a orator for, said: "If the Coles managed to sell their Surrey mansion, they"d mount to have a loss in the stream meridian and this might well come as a shock for the integrate who had the Midas touch.

"However seeking at alternative footballer pads it is expected that the skill might well have a singular musical interior and character for that a specific customer might be peaceful to compensate a reward for."

The integrate has a corner happening of �17 million, according to the majority new "rich lists".

Before their 2006 wedding, the Girls Aloud thespian pronounced she found the thought of a prenuptial agreement "disgusting".

"I think that"s defeating the point. We"re removing tied together since we"re committing ourselves to each alternative to outlay the rest of the lives together. No ifs and buts," she said.

"I think [pre-nups] are disgusting. I could assimilate if you"re 93 and you"ve got billions of pounds and this 24-year-old wants to wed you in a month. But we"re a work in progress, we"re going to set up the tied together hold up together not meditative about if it ever ends."


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