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Dr Howard Martin: GPs antiquated methods linked to deaths of two patients

By Caroline Gammell 730AM GMT sixteen Mar 2010

Howard Martin Coroner calls for examination of GPs Howard Martin Dr Martin, 75, was privileged of murdering Frank Moss, 59, Harry Gittins, 74, and Stanley Weldon, 74, with overdoses of hypnotic after a hearing at Teesside Crown Court in Dec 2005. Photo AP

Dr Martin was charged and clear of murdering 3 of his patients in 2005 after he gave them large doses of morphine.

Coroner Andrew Tweddle criticised the 74-year-old doctors "old fashioned and traditional" diagnosis and pronounced he would write to the authorities, job for the GP complement to be re-examined "once again".

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He combined that a little recommendations to strengthen people after the box of Harold Shipman, the GP who killed some-more than 200 patients, had not been implemented.

"The open should have finish conviction in the GPs as they place their lives in their hands," pronounced Mr Tweddle.

"I think it is suitable for those who have energy to change the approach GPs work and work to cruise once again what serve changes are necessary, if any, in an try to try to equivocate identical fatalities in the future.

"I introduce to write a minute to the applicable authorities… propelling them to examination their systems once again, in the light of the justification since at these inquests."

His comments came at the finish of a month prolonged inquisition in to the deaths of Frank Moss, 59, Harry Gittins, 74, and Stanley Weldon, 74.

Dr Martin saw all 3 men as patients when he was a partner at the Jubilee Medical Group, with surgeries in Newton Aycliffe, Shildon and Eldon, County Durham.

He was privileged of murdering the contingent at Teesside Crown Court five years ago, but Mr Tweddle pronounced the drug since to Mr Gittins and Mr Moss were not "clinically justified".

He was dangling by the General Medical Council in Sep 2004 and stays underneath investigation.

Jillian Coates, daughter of Mr Gittins, pronounced the coroner"s outcome fit the family groups concerns.

"The anticipating that these clinical injections were not fit is a clearance of the concerns we have regularly felt about the resources in that the desired ones died."

Mr Tweddle pronounced Dr Martin did not intend to kill any of the 3 men and was well known as "an old-fashioned, normal ubiquitous practitioner".

He went on "However, such old fashioned and normal values should have not lengthened to a march of diagnosis that was described as "risky" or "antiquated".

"His patients would have approaching diagnosis that was in line with the supposed healing use of the day."

After Dr Martin, who right away lives in Penmaenmawr, Gwynedd, North Wales, was acquitted, Durham Constabulary upheld a serve twelve questionable cases to the coroner.

Mr Tweddle pronounced claims that Dr Martin had been administering opiates to terminally ill patients in fatal doses were found to be "without basis".

The coroner combined that nonetheless changes had been finished inside of the NHS, some-more could be done.

"It is recognized that these events took place multiform years ago and there has been since that time a series of complement changes written to urge both studious reserve and GP performance.

"A series of such reforms have been as a outcome of the inform of Dame Janet Smith in the Shipman inquiry. Not all recommendations have nonetheless been implemented."

Mr Gittins, who was recuperating from cancer of the oesophagus, was not close to genocide when he died in Jan 2004, pronounced Mr Tweddle.

Dr Martin gave him 60 mg of morphine, 200mg of disamophine, and 300mg of the antipsychotic drug chlorpromazine in the space of twenty-four hours.

Recording a outcome of misadventure, he pronounced the studious "would not have died when he did but" for the drug since by Dr Martin.

Mr Moss, who was pang from lung cancer, was since dual 60mg injections of hypnotic the day prior to he died.

Recording an open verdict, Mr Tweddle pronounced "Both hypnotic injections were not clinically justified.

"I find that the administration department department of hypnotic some-more than minimally or trivially contributed to the genocide of Mr Moss and it is doubtful he would have died when he did but for the administration department department of morphine."

Mr Weldon, who suffered dementia, died on Mar eighteen 2003 and was since a 60mg injection by Dr Martin prior to long prior to he died.

Returning an open verdict, Mr Tweddle pronounced the means of genocide was different since the physique was really bad composed.

A mouthpiece for the Medical Defence Union, that represents Dr Martin, pronounced he did not instruct to comment.

Joyce Robins, co-director of Patient Concern, pronounced "Lots of the Shipman recommendations were not implemented. A lot of virtuoso things were pronounced and mothballed."

A Department of Health mouthpiece pronounced "We have right away mostly implemented the recommendations of the Shipman Inquiry, in sold those relating to the safeguards for tranquil drugs.

"In addition, we will delicately investigate the justification that has emerged during this Inquest, to see what serve lessons can be learnt over and on top of those outset from the Shipman Inquiry."

Yasmin Chaudhry, arch senior manager of NHS County Durham and Darlington, pronounced "Regarding recommendations from the Shipman inquiry, NHS County Durham and Darlington has complied with all inhabitant superintendence released in propinquity to monitoring clinical standards.

"Any minute we embrace from the coroner about deliberation a examination of superintendence or standards for monitoring clinical standards will be responded to fully."


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