Thursday, July 8, 2010

Property tycoon lost Lamborghini while drunk

By Richard Savill 514PM GMT eighteen Mar 2010

Glenn Knowles, 35, and the co-owner of the car, Richard Mant, 39, were indicted of perplexing to imitation an word association over the disappearance of the vehicle, that has never been traced.

But the jury supposed Mr Knowless explain that he had no thought what happened to the car after his inebriated night out.

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Guildford Crown Court listened the dual men reported it to military as stolen, and put in an word claim.

But they were subsequently charged with conspiring to dedicate rascal in between Dec, 2008, and Mar 5 last year.

Simon Connolly, prosecuting, pronounced "This is a car that was reported stolen at a time when it was patently still in their possession. They are dual immature men who attempted to con the word association and the police."

However, after a 6 day trial, the jury supposed the mens version of events and clear them.

The jury listened that it was not the initial costly car Mr Knowles had lost in identical inebriated circumstances.

After a prior night of complicated drinking, Mr Knowles, who earns �160,000 a year from his skill portfolio, couldn"t find his Mercedes. It was usually after an endless poke that it was found parked at the back of a nightclub.

The justice listened the Lamborghini had not been recovered, notwithstanding being propitious with a tracking device.

Mr Knowles pronounced he had been "drinking heavily and going by a bad time" when the offences were purported to have been committed.

Both men claimed they had "no ground to dedicate the fraud", and had had no goal of disposing of the vehicle. They had owned a fibre of high powered costly cars given they were in their early 20s, Richard McConaghy, fortifying said.

The justice listened that Mr Mant parked the Lamborghini outward his home in Epsom, Surrey, at about 2pm on December 17, 2008.

In the sunrise he realised it was blank and his next door neighbour sensitive him he had seen the car being driven afar the day before.

Mr Mant, who owns MSJ Joinery and The London Staircase Company, called Mr Knowles, who claimed he had no believe of the cars whereabouts.

When the car was tracked on involuntary series image approval systems it was being driven towards Gillingham, Kent.

Mr Knowles told the justice he had left in to Mr Mants home and taken the keys prior to pushing to Gillingham where he had seen his relatives in the pub.

He pronounced he competence have driven the car while dipsomaniac to Rochester, where he one after another drinking. But he did not think he would have taken it to Maidstone where his inebriated dusk ended.

He pronounced that prior to receiving a cab to his home, he had been incompetent to find the car. He forsaken the keys at Mr Mants residence and didnt discuss it any one what he had done, he told the jury.

Mr Mant, a father of three, who proposed his initial commercial operation when he was 20, pronounced he had not been strike by the retrogression and he could means the �500 a month repayments on the car.

He pronounced he was not wakeful of the purported dishonesty until he was interviewed by police.


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